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What is Welcome to Thornbury?

Welcome to Thornbury is Melbourne’s first permanent Bar and Food Truck Stop. Licensed for more than 700 people, Welcome to Thornbury is – and always has been – an icon of the area, functioning as a car manufacturing factory for much of the 20th century, and now, as the second largest beer garden and only permanent bar and food truck stop in Melbourne.

How many trucks do you have each day?

Each month look forward to seeing over 80 different food trucks rotating on a daily basis, with three to seven trucks or marquees onsite at once.

Can I see which trucks will be on before I get there?

Indeed you can! Check out our truck roster over here.

Can I bring my dog?

Dogs are not only welcomed, but encouraged. Of course, they must be on a leash and not pooping anywhere, but we generally prefer the company of pooches over people. We even have a whole night dedicated to dogs called Good Dogs of Darebin. Dogs are only welcome in the outdoor area of Welcome to Thornbury, just incase some poor bugger is allergic and gets the sniffles.

Can I bring my kids?

First up, well done to you! You created a life! Secondly, you can absolutely bring your spawn along to the pub, but they must be kept within an arm’s reach at all times. We also place an 8pm curfew on kids Friday, Saturday and Sunday night. Being a licensed venue, it tends to get a little rowdy after this time.

I’m 18, can I bring along my little sister/brother?

Unless you are the legally designated guardian of your little brother or sister, unfortunately they can’t come along. You’ll have to bring mum or dad too. Damn.

I am a vegan, will I have to eat chips again?

While we ask that all trucks provide a vegan or vegetarian option to our guests, unfortunately we cannot guarantee this will happen every night. We do always have vegan beverages available though. One night that is vegan guaranteed is our monthly Vegan Vegout though, a whole night dedicated to vegan eats and drinks!

I’m gluten free, can I still get something to eat?

While we ask that all trucks provide a gluten free option to our guests, unfortunately we cannot guarantee this will happen every night. Sorry, we really feel for you because gluten is delicious.

Do I have to bring cash or do the trucks take card?

A terrific question indeed! Most trucks do have EFTPOS facilities available, however some smaller vendors still only accept cash. The good news is that we have an ATM on site – hooray!

Is this a non-smoking venue?

We have a small section available in our courtyard for smokers. Abiding by the smoking laws of Australia, it is four metres away from food and absolutely no food, except for bar snacks purchased at the bar, can be brought into this area.

How do I get to Welcome to Thornbury?

Good question! We recommend you catch public transport because, hello, we are a bar. You can jump on the 86 tram towards Bundoora and hop off at the corner of Dennis Street and High Street, or Darebin Road and High Street.

Train commuter? Hop off at Croxton Station and then just walk your pretty little self five minutes up the road. Just keep an eye out for our giant neon sign to find us!

Can I book a table?

Definitely. Give us a call on 03 9020 7940 or head to our book a table page. Depending on the day and time, we often only take bookings for large groups – but try your luck!

Can I throw my birthday/engagement/bar mitzvah at Welcome to Thornbury?

Congratulations! Now let’s get you drunk (responsibly, of course). We have a number of event spaces available for hire year ‘round. Visit our functions page to find out what will suit your party best.