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  • 40 to 70 people
  • Want more time in the sun? The Container Bar is for you.
  • An exclusive outdoor section within our beer garden, situated conveniently next to the food trucks, and with a private bar.
  • Perfect for summer birthdays and engagement parties.
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What is Welcome to Thornbury?

Welcome to Thornbury is Melbourne’s first permanent Bar and Food Truck Stop. Licensed for more than 700 people, Welcome to Thornbury is – and always has been – an icon of the area, functioning as a car manufacturing factory for much of the 20th century, and now, as the second largest beer garden and only permanent bar and food truck stop in Melbourne.

How many trucks do you have each day?

Each month look forward to seeing over 80 different food trucks rotating on a daily basis, with five to seven trucks onsite at once.

Do I have to bring cash or do the trucks take card?

A terrific question indeed! Most trucks do have EFTPOS facilities available, however some smaller vendors still only accept cash. The good news is that we have an ATM on site – hooray!

Can I bring my dog?

Dogs are not only welcomed, but encouraged. Of course, they must be on a leash and not pooping anywhere, but we generally prefer the company of pooches over people. We even have a whole night dedicated to dogs called Good Dogs of Darebin.